From a Friendler Past

April 15, 2010

"And what God giveth, so shall he take back," the explorer whispered to his new acquaintance.


International PBoSPoI correspondent Moishe Brown sent us a letter with this photograph. The letter reads:

Dear Michael,
Please find attached a picture that you might be able to use on your blog.  Taken in 1927, this photograph documents an unlikely meeting between an explorer and a polar bear clan.  All too often we are reminded of hot-button issues like global warming, poaching, and unprovoked bear attacks, all of which set the tone when discussing human/polar bear relations.  This photograph conjures to mind a simpler time when the world was big enough for both humans and bears to co-exist, and maybe even share a coca-cola. 

Yours in loving and groveling devotion,

Moishe Jacob Brown

p.s. There is a crispness in the air here that strikes my senses sharply. Odors are magnified and sights brightened. I saw a shooting star last night that set the night ablaze. It brought back memories of a shooting star I had seen last week, which in turn surfaced memories of a shooting star last month, which really got me thinking about that time we smoked weed in your car.


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