April 5, 2010

Today’s report comes from PBoSPI “cub” reporter Emily Heller. This precariously perched polar bear was, as Ms. Heller put it, “having the time of his life.” Ms. Heller goes on in her report, “This small piece of ice was particularly small — which I could tell the polar bear was enjoying.”

Be sure to check back tomorrow, when Ms. Heller cracks open her investigative case on small polar bear photo manipulation. No questions or requests for further information will be granted before her piece is published.

Ms. Heller, who started out reporting for the journal “Serene Swans Idling in Well-Manicured Gardens” is a vetted journalist and a rising star in the field.


April 2, 2010

There is something graceful in the leap of a polar bear from one melting piece of ice onto another–almost like an overweight swan leaping heavenward only to tumble down again, instantly reminded that it has traded its wings for fat deposits critical to surviving arctic winters.

April 2, 2010